Environment and Sustainability

Producing drink dispensing systems means accepting the challenge of providing products which are increasingly capable of respecting the environment.
Draught drinks are indeed an ideal choice in terms of quality and freshness and are much more sustainable than bottled drinks.
In order to pull sustainable beverages, you need sustainable dispensing systems.
Based on this assumption, Celli has introduced numerous innovations to make its products more and more eco-friendly and to offer consumers a sustainable journey of drinks from the keg to the glass.

Reducing our environmental impact has been a priority for Celli since the early 1980s, as evidenced by our decision, as the first company in Italy, to eliminate chlorofluorocarbons responsible for ozone depletion from all cooling circuits.
Today Celli is the first company equipped with two in-house charging stations for the cooling gases CO2 (R744) and Propane (R290), high-performance ecological gases with a very low GWP index. The new models of overcounter soft-drink dispensers, for example, in addition to using eco-friendly cooling gases, adopt energy-efficient solutions with savings up to 70%.

The materials are also carefully chosen, in order to ensure flexibility of use, cost-effectiveness and respect for the environment, such as vitreous, an environmentally friendly glassy porcelain. With this material, customised towers responding to high design standards can be manufactured, and at the end of their long working life they become simple, inert, nontoxic waste.
The complete revamping of the Geo beer dispensing system range is also very important: the new Geo Green range in fact combines very high performances and outstanding energy savings.

Last but not least, Celli has undertaken to promote the consumption of water from the supply network: drinking water dispensers for households, companies, hotels, restaurants and communities are an affordable and sustainable alternative to the consumption of bottled water.
Celli is therefore the ideal partner for those who intend to combine quality, performances, design and environmental friendliness.