Combining design, technology and quality with cutting-edge dispensing solutions in a sustainable way: the Celli group has always adopted this approach upon producing its dispensing equipment. In order to maintain high standards, Celli employs skilful staff receiving constant training. Because expertise and passion are part of the history and the future of the company.


State-of-the-art technology and the important innovations introduced over the years in the world of dispensing equipment have always set Celli apart: right from the multi-valve for soft drinks and stainless steel compensators in the taps for pouring, up to the great telemetry revolution with Intellidraught. Research and development are our keystones and represent a powerful lever for the continuous improvement of processes and products.

Quality and Safetys

High-performing, durable products with very high quality standards which offer a complete and consistent drinking experience: to achieve this, Celli has developed a sophisticated quality control system, which checks the individual components and the finished product. Thanks to rigorous tests performed in advanced laboratories able to simulate any temperature and humidity, the equipment’s efficiency and safety are always guaranteed.

Design and Branding

It is now possible to combine the quality of drink dispensing with a strong branding experience, thanks to Celli products. For years, the Group has been supporting beverage companies in conveying the values and identity specific to each brand, thanks to a team in charge of bespoke projects offering a strong, impactful and engaging brand experience. Custom fonts attract the customers’ attention as they relish a perfectly poured drink.

Respect for the environment

Sustainability is an important value for Celli, which has long taken up the challenge of creating products which are increasingly eco-friendly: in the 80s, it was the first company to remove chlorofluorocarbons from all refrigeration circuits and every year it takes effective actions to ensure environmentally sustainable quality for everyone. When you choose a dispensing system, you are favouring a more sustainable choice than bottled beverages.